ClearWave Air Filters


A packet of 6 filters ($30).

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Your ClearWave Air purifier has a small pre-filter at the base of the unit near the Air Inlet area. This filter is designed to protect the electronics from dust and debris.

The ClearWave Air purifier includes a filter for the primary purpose of removing dust and airborne particulates from the air. On average, this filter should be replaced every 90 days. The filter is clearly visible from the bottom of the unit and a color change from black to gray indicates time for replacement. This will typically occur after 90 days of operation. Filter replacement requires no tools and can be done in 60 seconds, and it is clearly outlined in the ClearWaveAir Owner’s Manual.

When your ClearWave Air ships, it comes with 4 filters giving on average 1 year of operation. A packet of 6 filters will give an additional 1.5 years of operation and a packet of 12 filters will give an additional 3 years of operation.