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“My allergy symptoms have decreased by half!” Kim Y. MD

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ClearWave Air is changing people’s lives. Read owners’ testimonies who suffer from asthma, allergies, pet allergies, sinus issues, snoring and more.

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Listen to ClearWave Air customer, Adam, as he shares his personal story about living with purified air.

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Cold, Flu and Respiratory Issues

Just a note to tell you how wonderful your ClearWave Air unit is.

My mother, Arlene Dunham, is 98.  She had been suffering from colds, flu and respiratory challenges and was placed on Hospice care and given 4-6 months to live.  Since placing your unit in her room, my mother no longer has colds, flu or even sickness.

Her health improved to the point that she has been taken off Hospice!  At 98, this is a significant improvement.  Not many people are taken off Hospice at 98! As you know , Assisted Living facilities are notorious for spreading germs.  Thanks to ClearWave Air we are enjoying more healthy years with Mom.

Robert H. Dunham

Arlene Dunham's Son, Purchased Unit

Pet Allergy, Sinus Issues and Snoring

My best friend has two cats, and I have no allergy problems at her house when I go over there now (she has a ClearWave Air unit). Also, in the past, I’ve had many sinus issues, but I haven’t had any since I started using the Clearwave Air purifier in my own room.

Kaitlyn M. - Aug 2016 - Phoenix AZ

Personal Use, Pet Owner

We absolutely love it! Wish I had ordered more 😊!

Candy M. - Aug 2016 - Houston Texas

Personal Use, Pet Owner

Great results! Cat odor and litter box odor gone. Also no sneezing from friends with cat allergies. I have 3 cats that don’t bother me but there is a litter box and fur smell that I didn’t like. The ClearWave unit cleared it all up. I have ordered a second unit 🙂

Justine B. - May 2016 - Phoenix, AZ

Personal Use, Pet Owner

We were concerned about the air quality in our older home and were very excited to try the ClearWave Air system! The first thing we noticed was that our daughter was able to sleep at night without snoring the first night after plugging in our unit in her bedroom. She had been snoring every night for the last year and a half!

It is amazing! Having the air purifiers running in our home has really made a huge difference! We were so happy with it that we have 3 running in our home at all times! It really helps with keeping the air fresh even though we have a child, two dogs and a cat!

Brent S. - Aug 2016 - Arizona

Personal Use, Chiropractor

My wife has seen several doctors for the last year trying to understand why she has major headaches and unable to sleep at night. Since adding the ClearWave Air unit she has slept through the night and the vast majority of days with headaches has stopped. Thanks for the technology and ability to sleep a little better.

David G. - November 2016

CEO, Personal Use

Asthma and Allergies

I recently purchased one unit for my home in Albuquerque, NM. Prior to moving to New Mexico, I had never experienced any allergy symptoms ..then in the Spring of 2016 I encountered Juniper (the plant). I experienced every symptom associated with a severe allergy.

On a recent trip back to San Diego, California, I was made aware that the ClearWave Air units are now available for purchase. I purchased one and I am pleased to report that it has changed my life! My allergy symptoms have decreased by half! When I walk in my front door I just feel that I can breathe more easily.

I am grateful for this amazing product and I strongly recommend it to anyone who simply wants to breathe more easily. There is one added benefit; it looks like a piece of art. I am proud to exhibit in my living room as it is simply lovely.

Kim Y. MD, MPH - May 2016 - Albuquerque, NM

Personal Use, Allergy Sufferer

…it makes a difference. I can feel the difference for sure!

Lisa B. - June 2016 - San Diego CA.

Personal Use, Allergy Sufferer

I received the ClearWave Air purifier about 7 weeks ago. I suffer with COPD which includes many allergies and Asthma. I spend a great deal of time in our kitchen eating area where my dogs are going in and out of the kitchen door, constantly. We live in Arizona and have a house on a Golf Course where this air is quite contaminated with Ozone and particulates Since I got the ClearWave Air, I have enjoyed more relief than I had imagined. This enables me to remain at my favorite place in comfort.

Bette H. - October 2016 - Phoenix, AZ

Personal Use, Allergy Sufferer

Today I am praising Jesus, last night was the first night in weeks when I didn’t wake up coughing or needing my inhaler! What a huge Blessing!! It’s been like getting a breath of fresh air… continuously.

Lisa B. - November 2016 - Prescott, AZ

Personal Use, Allergy Sufferer

Motorhome Mold and Mildew Odor

Wow! We did a mold test in our motorhome. There was a stale air smell that was worse when it sat for a few weeks. Testing showed mold and mildew were the cause. After 6 days the mold test was clear…the stale air smell all mold and mildew gone! So now we have purchased units for our family room, bedroom and my office. Thank you!

Kent B. - July 2016

Motorhome Owner

Home Offices and Work Locations

I moved the ClearWave Air purifier into my office. So this was the first winter in 20 years that I did not get a cold or miss any work due to the flu.  So, I have to say it is amazing 🙂

Valerie C. - November 2015 - Richmond, CA

Business Controller in 20 person office

We have two main offices with about 30 employees in each, both in the same city and many of the employees will go back and forth between offices during the week.  One of the offices has the ClearWave Air units and the other does not. The office with the units over the last two months has a total of 3 work days missed from sick leave.  The office without the units has a total of 24 work days missed from sick leave.  A strain of stomach flu went through the one office but not the other. We can only attribute that to your product.  Thank you.

A.T. M. - November 2016

Multiple Office Manager